Update on our Village Plan

You may remember that something of a milestone was reached last summer with the publication of the definitive Ruddington Village Plan –  your vision for how our village should develop over the next 5 to 10 years. This final version of the Plan was launched in August at the 2017 Ruddington “Summer Fayre” by RVP steering group volunteers (top photo) when villagers could pick up a printed copy of the completed document, ask questions and volunteer themselves for projects flagged up by four years of research. (You can read more about the background >>HERE<<.)

The final plan itself contained a raft of goals and action points which, when implemented, should enhance life for everyone who lives in, works in or visits Ruddington. But you might just be wondering what’s been going on since then – especially since a tandem Ruddington Neighbourhood Plan has now also been launched by Ruddington Parish Council?

Chairman Gavin Walker reveals: “The members of the RVP Steering Group have been meeting monthly. We’re also making regular contact with Parish, Borough and County Councillors, whose input, advice and involvement is crucial to the Plan’s success. Some of the more ambitious aspirations will take years to come to full fruition. Many depend on the involvement and cooperation of other local organisations; others are shorter term and can be achieved relatively quickly.”

Current discussion points and key areas for action include:-

      • Adult Education “taster” sessions in Ruddington Library. Likely topics include “Getting to grips with your iPad”, Photography, Local History and Researching your Family Tree
      • Updating the existing (but very old) Village Trail to include buildings and sites of historical interest displayed on information boards and leaflets
      • Investigating the sociable and accessible game of Petanque (a form of outdoor bowls/boules) to be played on a suitably landscaped area of the Village Green; “Garden on the Green”
      • Convening a meeting with the County Council Highways department to discuss and make progress on a range of pressing issues affecting Ruddington
      • Tackling concerns about derelict buildings
      • Working closely with the Neighbourhood Plan Project Team regarding housing developments, Green Belt and future proposals

    If you no longer have your copy of the Ruddington Village Plan – or have moved to the village only recently – you can read it >>HERE<<.

    The RVP Steering Group is promising regular updates and progress reports in future issues of THE RUDDand we’ll be sure to keep you posted here at RUDDINGTON.info, too!

    Members of Ruddington Village Plan Steering Group meet once per month

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