Our New Look Library

Ruddington Library is reopening on schedule this weekend, following its refurbishment, and villagers should notice a rather contemporary restyling – INSIDE at least!

It’s taken almost two months to complete the makeover, but Inspire, which runs the library on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, hopes that users will be pleased by the upgrades. There was always going to be a limit as to what could be achieved externally, with this ageing building’s rather unattractive, flat-roofed, sixties’ design. Light grey window panels instead of the former maroon coloured ones are the only obvious change…

Inside, however, the library has been re-decorated throughout to provide what they hope is a much lighter, fresher and more modern space – with new carpeting, new shelving and new furniture. The library is also offering some new stock and a revised layout. On the walls there are now bespoke graphics from Leicester based design and graphics agency New English – who have previously helped to restyle other libraries in Nottinghamshire.

Inspire’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Gaw, commented: “At Inspire, we’re excited to have completed the development of another library and the opportunity it gives us to create a modern, inviting space for the people of Ruddington. This is another important aspect of our mission to provide inspiring centres for reading, learning, culture and community activity for many years to come.”

Ruddington Library opens again today (Saturday 17th February) from 9.00am – although the official celebration to mark the occasion won’t be until Saturday March 17th at 10.15am. Meantime, monthly activities such as “Rattle, Rhyme & Roll” and “Scrabble” sessions will resume. Ruddington Village Plan has pledged to facilitate new Adult Education “taster” sessions there – such as “Getting to grips with your iPad”, Photography, Local History and Researching your Family Tree. Please keep an eye on our Events Calendar!

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