NCT’s Ruddy Good Guide!

Have YOU got the latest edition of the handy booklet about places to visit in Ruddington – and where to eat and drink in the village? This FREE guide has again been produced in a partnership between Nottingham City Transport (NCT) and the creative team here at

Look out for NCT’s Ruddy Good Day Out printed booklet available in the featured venues and other outlets throughout Ruddington – as well as local libraries and the NCT Travel Centre. Or you can download a PDF version >>HERE<<.

Visitors to our village can hop on and off NCT buses Navy 3 or Green 10 to get here and between attractions. The maps (on pages 2 and 3 of the new guide) highlight 26 of the best things to see and do in this thriving and pretty South Nottinghamshire village.

The updated booklet pinpoints the key tourist sites, alongside Ruddington’s pubs, bars, cafes, tea rooms, restaurants and takeaways – showing which bus to catch and the best stop to alight/embark in each case.

Tourists and villagers alike can enjoy a . You may be surprised what you discover right on your doorstep!

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