Former DIY Shop Plans Approved

Two rather striking new buildings WILL be built in Ruddington after a revised state-of-the-art scheme for a former DIY shop site was finally given the go-ahead by Rushcliffe planners.

It’s third time lucky for the contemporary designs after two previous submissions in a similar style were rejected. Permission was originally refused primarily on the basis of “an over-intensive development of the site” and “poor design that fails to take the opportunities available for improving the character and quality of an area and the way it functions”.

H.A. Bostock ceased trading at 70 Wilford Road in 2015 after 56 years – when owners Tony and Hazel Theaker retired.  You can read their story HERE.

The former Bostock's DIY shop on Wilford Road
The former Bostock’s DIY shop on Wilford Road

The property was put up for sale with outline planning permission already granted to demolish the existing building (left) and for two traditional three-storey semi-detached homes to be built there. However it was bought by Mascari Design Solutions Ltd who have since been working with Justin Smith Architects of Derby drawing up designs for a pair of much more contemporary properties instead.

Third time around these plans were revised to provide “an increase in external amenity” and include a reclaimed brick plinth to mirror the brickwork on the 19th century properties opposite. There were 18 supporting comments with just 3 objections – mainly to do with the character of the flat-roofed design not fitting in with the surrounding village buildings – and that neighbouring properties are still overlooked. As well as its prominent position on Wilford Road, the site is bounded by St John’s Road to the side and historic Savages Row to the rear. However the latest plans were given the nod at a Rushcliffe Borough Council planning meeting on Thursday (17th August).

Ruddington-based businessman Rob Mascari says: ‘We are delighted to finally have the opportunity to redevelop the site. The planning officers were recommending refusal again but a forwarding thinking committee of Rushcliffe councillors decided to move the motion to that of granting permission. We can now look forward to enhancing the area with two contemporary properties.”

Sam Wannell-Bonser posted on social media: “About time. Am looking forward to this improvement on our Road” whilst Barbara Tunnard commented “Anything will be better than the eyesore that is there now.”  Rob admits: “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I assure you it will be a million times better than the current vista!”

It’s also been remembered that there used to be a Second World War Anderson Shelter in the back yard – which might yet be unearthed during the redevelopment?!

Meantime Rob is keen to pay tribute to the heritage of the former Bostock’s DIY site, promising “Our homes will be named ‘Fork Handles’ and ‘The Yard’!”

You can see all the documents associated with this application >>HERE<<.

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