Watch Your Speed!

Neighbourhood Officers from Nottinghamshire Police have been in Ruddington again this afternoon carrying out speed checks on traffic entering our village along Wilford Road.

Despite the 30mph limit now starting sooner, due to the new Bloor Homes development, with even a flashing sign to alert motorists to their speed as they pass Sellors’ Playing Field, they report that three vehicles were recorded still doing in excess of 35 mph along the main, built-up stretch. The offending drivers were dealt with by way of ‘Traffic Offence Reports’ – meaning they are likely to be issued with the offer of a Fixed Penalty (a fine of at least £100 and three points on their licence), attending the ‘National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme’, or a court appearance.

These regular Ruddington speed checks are in direct response to concerns raised by local residents attending a Police meeting in The Ruddington Arms back in May which was organised by our MP Ruth Edwards. Along with Rushcliffe Inspector Rob Lawton and our (then) Ruddington Beat Officer PC Kai Kemish, she discovered that speeding and traffic offences were villagers’ number one concern – and they wanted local police to take action. Regular speed checks by officers have since been introduced.

After today’s operation, Rushcliffe Police said: “Motorists are reminded that excess speed is one of the four main causes of serious injury or death in road traffic collisions. Please be mindful of your speed and drive safely. Thankyou.”

{Photos courtesy of Rushcliffe Police}

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