Clifton Road to Close Yet Again!

After having already been closed to through-traffic three times this year for roadworks, one of the main access routes in and out of Ruddington will be shut yet again this weekend.

Thankfully it’s just for a few hours, therefore it’s less likely to cause disruption for drivers than previous closures – such as the repair and resurfacing work on Clifton Road between Camelot Street and Old Station Drive which took place in January following a burst water main.

The latest closure is said to be necessary to complete work started by the same contractors in March to deal with overhanging trees at Ruddington View Care Home. Once again, between 8.00am and 2.00pm this Saturday 10th April, a TOTAL PROHIBITION OF DRIVING will be put in force along Clifton Lane from the Pasture Lane Island to Farnborough Rd Island. All remaining damaged and dangerous trees overhanging the highway should then be cleared safely by arboreal specialists UK Diamond Drilling during this period, and their roots removed. Any future work should not affect the highway.

Residents wishing to access our village centre from the Pasture Lane estates and Old Station Drive by car can do so this time. However, for anyone wanting to get to or from Clifton, the extremely lengthy diversionary route shown below via Farnborough Rd, Ruddington Lane, Wilford Rd and Clifton Rd – and vice versa – will again need to be followed during Saturday’s closure.

The work has wider implications for village bus users since it will also disrupt Nottingham City Transport’s Navy 3 service. The operator has confirmed that, during this closure, all Navy 3 buses will divert via Clifton Bridge, A453 and Farnborough Road (to the Fairham). Stops along Ruddington Lane, Wilford Road, Clifton Road, Ruddington Village (including High Street, The Green and Church Road) and Clifton Lane will not be served.

You can find details of other, forthcoming Ruddington roadworks >>HERE<<.

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