First Ruddington Green Belt Housing Approved

Linden Homes has become the first property developer to be granted full planning permission to build a new housing estate on Ruddington’s Green Belt by Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) – as part of its recently approved Local Plan Part 2.

This is despite the number of homes in the application being 12% more than were allocated by The Plan and local protests that the increased number of dwellings would mean the removal of dozens of mature trees on the Flawforth Lane site which border existing properties on Flawforth Avenue.

Some of the sixty, mature Silver Birch trees which will now be felled following planning approval

At last night’s RBC planning meeting (14th November), despite Ruddington Borough Councillor Jen Walker voicing her concerns, these objections were brushed aside, with all but one of the committee voting in favour of allowing the new 56 home development on the 2.66 Hectare former Ecoplants site – formerly known as RUD05 but now identified as Policy 6.2.

The slightly revised final detailed layout plan shows the single access which will be created from Flawforth Lane and that there will be landscaping to give public open spaces, footpaths and the required drainage infrastructure. The plot straddles a substantial, roadside property called ‘Meadow Croft’ but with most of the new housing set to the rear of this existing building along the main estate road and side spur curving around behind it. The back gardens of Flawforth Avenue properties sit on its western boundary whilst the southern boundary is mainly with Policy 6.3 (formerly RUD13) which now has outline planning permission for William Davis Homes to build another 180 houses. Whilst a public footpath will eventually be created between these two new Green Belt developments, there will be no vehicular access.

On the Linden Homes plans, it details that 39 of the 56 houses on this site will be ‘market housing’ with mainly 4 or more bedrooms. The other 17 are classed as ‘social, affordable or intermediate rent’. None are in the ‘starter homes’ or ‘affordable home ownership’ categories. You can view ALL the documents associated with this planning application >>HERE<< whilst the planning approval is subject to the conditions imposed >>HERE<<.

Nevertheless, during the extended consultation period, only 15 public objections were received to this application – which was certainly less controversial than two other Green Belt sites selected in Ruddington at Asher Lane and Wilford Road. But these small protests appear to have secured at least small concession from the planners – to save a large, mature sycamore tree on the site (pictured below) from the axe. It also seems the financial contribution towards the A52 improvements, originally requested from the developers, has been withdrawn.

This old tree will be spared!

Altogether FOUR Green Belt sites in Ruddington – to accommodate a total of at least 525 houses (but already 16 more than that, and potentially 60 more) – have been given the Government Planning Inspector’s blessing for housing development. Please keep checking back here to for further updates.

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