Knit Your Own Christmas in Ruddington!

If you’re looking for a unique yet inexpensive gift to give to someone this Christmas, you perhaps need look no further than our Framework Knitters’ Museum?

The popular Ruddington heritage site is offering you the chance to ‘Knit Your Own Christmas’ on one of its vintage knitting machines – creating up to fifteen gifts over two hours using unlimited yarn – all for just £15!

It was villager Sarah Godfrey who suggested the idea. “The women responsible for the Wilbur cat party were knitting tails and we thought ‘Knit Your Own Xmas’ would be fun – as lots of laughter and chat happened during that time. Helen (Brownett) and the Framework Knitters’ Museum were very supportive of that event – so it’s nice to support them in return. Also we loved it so much we wanted to come back! It is a fundraising event but a nice social opportunity for our local crafters, too” says Sarah.

Helen Brownett demonstrates one of the sock knitting machines

Helen explains: “Visitors will get to use our vintage circular sock knitting machines, most of which are nearly 100 years old, so there are no plugs or screens to swipe to get them working – just muscle power!
I will be there at each workshop. After a short demo of how it works and pointing out the do and don’ts – such as don’t turn the handle backward or you’ll get a ladder – I will be there to encourage and motivate the group to do lots of knitting. There will also be seasonal refreshments to restore their energy levels from so much knitting!” (This will come in the form of complimentary mince pies and mulled wine!)

Helen adds: “It’s amazing what can be created from just a knitted tube and very little sewing: Anything that is tubular – knitted wreaths, small bags, toys or just lots of scarves. It depends on how creative you are and how good you are with a needle or a glue gun. All the creative bit will be done at home. If anyone is handy with a sewing machine even small cushions could be made using the machine to secure the cut edges.”

The museum will supply all the yarns. However, if you would like to incorporate any ‘glittery’ thread into your creations, you’re asked to take that along yourself – just so long as it’s fine enough to pass through their vintage machines. Organisers emphasise that it will just be the knitting bit that’s done at the museum, not the making up, since that is carried out later at your leisure.

Sarah has recently done a test-run and reveals: “In two hours I made enough material to make 15 to 20 substantial gifts, all finished at home without much effort and no skill. I finished off my children’s scarves with a Pom Pom trim whilst their pasta was cooking – easy peasy!  I made Christmas wreaths which look fab and, again, they took no time. Other items we have made already include draft excluders, toys and plant pot holders. I’m pretty sure our visitors will have more ideas up their sleeves!”

Just some of Sarah’s knitted creations!

Afterwards makers are encouraged to post photos of their creations on social media using the hashtag #knityourownxmas. Then the one judged to be the best will win a prize from the museum. Not only that, you’ll then have a selection of ready-to-give Christmas presents or festive decorations, too! The workshops – taking place between Saturday 23rd and Friday 29th November – need to be booked in advance via with a £5 deposit to secure your place.

Due to high demand and the positive feedback from these original workshops (below), Helen has now organised two more prior to Christmas…
Wednesday 11th Dec 1-3pm
Saturday 14th Dec 1-3pm

Booking details are as before.

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