Police Issue New Village Vehicle Crime Warning

Motorists in Ruddington are being asked to watch out for suspicious behaviour around their parked cars and vans after criminals struck in our village again this week.

Rushcliffe Police reveal: “Patrols have been increased in the area of Ruddington following several thefts from motor vehicles and two thefts of vehicles over the Bank Holiday Weekend.”

It seems many of these incidents were on our Pasture Lane estate. One of the victims was Martin Molloy, who lives on Cooper Gardens. He tells RUDDINGTON.info: “Our rear garden was broken into on Monday (18th April) at 2:45am. We were woken by our dog but the perpetrators had to move bins, unblock an alleyway and move other heavy items in the garden before attempting to steal my motorbike. They may have been in a vehicle as my wife saw the headlights of a vehicle driving away. I reported it to the police on 101 straight away, just in case they were still in the area.”

The next morning Martin discovered evidence they’d been in his wife’s car, too – with its glove box contents emptied out onto the front seat, although nothing obvious was stolen. A similar incident was reported on Wibberley Drive – with access being gained to the car even though it was locked. It’s thought the criminals may be using a relay device which can remotely unlock a modern vehicle as shown below – something which seems to be borne out by CCTV footage captured of two figures on Davidson Gardens.

To prevent so-called ‘Relay Car Theft’, officers say you should keep your car key fob well away from your property’s entry points or, ideally, place it in a metal tin or Faraday bag to block the rogue signal. Placing your key fob inside a microwave oven will also work, apparently!

It’s thought the same relay scam may have been used to steal a car from a driveway on Lace Gardens on Saturday night. A number of residents report capturing video of two figures in grey hoodies trying car doors during the early hours of Sunday and Monday in Ruddington whilst keeping their faces hidden.

If you have any information that may help with their enquiries, including any further CCTV footage which might have caught the suspects on camera, you’re asked to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 quoting reference number 0316-19042022.  Otherwise you can call officers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online >>HERE<<.

Meantime, this evening (20th April) residents near Asher Lane called out Nottinghamshire Police to the Avant Homes development site (above) after hearing ‘metal grinding’ noises during a potential break-in there. It’s reported officers were on the scene, at Wilbur Chase, until around 10.30pm.

We’ll bring you more information about this incident when we receive it.

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