Cumberland Close Car Criminal Evades Capture

Police say whoever is responsible for puncturing the car tyres of a Ruddington critical care nurse last month – leaving her both with a problem getting to work and a £320 bill to replace them – is still to be identified.

It comes as Rushcliffe officers release the August crime statistics for Ruddington {published in full below} which reveal two further incidents of criminal damage to the tyres of other cars parked on Cumberland Close during the same period. The perpetrator’s motive for doing this is unclear, but it’s been suggested it may be connected to a current campaign there to stop inconsiderate parking on the residential cul-de-sac off Easthorpe Street.

Nurse Georgia Pentz’s car being recovered. It needed two new tyres.

However, PCSO Kathryn Lucock tells there’s nothing to suggest any resident on the Close was responsible, and adds: “Parking issues continue to be monitored and we continue to ask anyone parking on residential streets to be considerate as to where they park ensuring they do not block pavements or obstruct the view of other drivers by parking too close to junctions, etc.”

Gary Choo, who is leading the householders’ campaign, says: “I’m so sorry that this has happened to a fellow resident. I think any accusation is unfounded and I certainly to do not condone such behaviour. The parking petition was set up to highlight the irresponsible parking by some drivers on Cumberland Close. This prevented the residents gaining access to their homes and the safe use of pavements.” He adds: “It is good that the Police have responded in such a positive manner.”

Anyone who has further information about these incidents, but has not yet come forward, is asked to do so. Rushcliffe Police contact details are below*.

Last month also saw the sentencing of a 58 year-old man for stealing the life savings of his Ruddington parents.

Police and financial investigators found that Steven Buckley, of Kenilworth Drive in Ilkeston, had used around £114,000 of the couple’s funds for his own financial gain, leaving them penniless and unable to pay their Ruddington care home fees.

You can read the full story >>HERE<<.

He pleaded guilty to ‘fraud by false representation’ on May 6th 2020 and was sentenced to 24 months in prison, suspended for 12 months, at Nottingham Crown Court on August 26th.

Returning to Ruddington’s August crime figures, Rushcliffe Police reveal there has been an increase in reported thefts from village shops recently.

Suspects have been identified for some of the thefts from vehicles and enquiries are on-going. The full police list is here:-

Ruddington offences reported from August 1st to August 31st 2020

2nd        Theft from shop – flowers and meat – Wilford Road

3rd         Theft from vehicle – breaking window – Asher Lane

8th/9th Criminal damage – screws placed in car tyres – Rufford Road property

Sainsbury’s has been targeted four times

5th        Theft from shop – meat products – Wilford Road

6th        Theft from shop – energy drinks – Church Street

10th      Criminal damage – car tyres – Cumberland Close

              Criminal damage – car tyres – Cumberland Close

16th      Theft from vehicle – window smashed & sunglasses stolen – Sansom Court 

17th.     Criminal damage – car tyres – Cumberland Close

18th.     Theft of fire extinguishers from shop – Loughborough Road

22nd     Theft from shop – 4x washing detergent – Wilford Road

23rd     Theft from vehicle – by smashing window – Asher Lane 

23rd     Criminal damage to vehicle – wing mirror broken off – The Green

26th     Theft from shop – steaks stolen – Wilford Road

31st      Burglary dwelling entered via open window – phones and car keys stolen – Upper Canaan

             Burglary – bikes stolen from insecure garage – Elms Park

             Burglary – bikes stolen from shed in garden – Easthorpe Street

*If you have information about the shop thefts, any of the other reported offences during August in Ruddington, or may have captured CCTV footage that could help – you’re asked to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101. Or you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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