Ruddington’s Green Belt Hearing Dates Announced

The Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to examine the “soundness” of the Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2 – Land and Planning Policies (published by Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) in May this year) – has announced the dates of the Public Hearing Sessions.

Philip Lewis BA (Hons) MA MRTPI of the Planning Inspectorate has revealed these will be held over three weeks, commencing on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 9.30am – primarily at Rushcliffe Arena. They will discuss the main issues and questions for the examination based on the Inspector’s initial reading of the Plan, the evidence base and the representations made. The main date relevant to Ruddington is Tuesday December 4th when the three Green Belt sites shown in BLUE on the map below will be under discussion.

Only residents, groups and bodies who have previously made representations, looking for a change to the Plan and who have registered a request to appear, have a right to take part in these hearing sessions. For Ruddington these will include representatives from Ruddington Parish Council, Ruddington Action Group (RAG)Ruddington Community Association (RCA) and Protect RuddingtonHowever, anyone is allowed go along just to observe.

The Inspector has drawn up the following questions specifically for our village:

  • Is the level of housing allocations proposed for Ruddington justified?
  • Is there sufficient infrastructure, services and facilities to support the proposed allocations at Ruddington?

He’ll then be investigating more specific questions about the proposed housing allocations at all FOUR Ruddington Green Belt sites – including land north of Asher Lane (shown in RED on the map above) which was granted outline planning approval on appeal earlier this year despite earlier planning refusal by RBC.

Land West of Wilford Road (RUD01)

  • In the application of the Sequential Test, is there sufficient evidence to suggest that in terms of flood risk, there are no reasonably available sites appropriate for the proposed development in areas with a lower probability of flooding?
  • Is the proposed allocation consistent with the five purposes of the Green Belt in terms of preventing neighbouring towns from merging into one another and to assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment and would it provide a permanent boundary to the Green Belt?
  • What is the realistic site capacity given the identified constraints?

Land South of Flawforth Lane (RUD05)

  • Would the proposed modifications be effective in securing the required infrastructure?

Land opposite Mere Way (RUD13)

  • Would the proposed modifications be effective in securing the required infrastructure?

Land North of Asher Lane (RUD07) – Proposed Modification

  • Are the development requirements consistent with the planning permission for the site?
Planning Inspector Philip Lewis

In a letter to Richard Mapletoft, Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Planning Policy Manager, Mr Lewis writes: “I note that the proposed modifications do not update the housing trajectory in Appendix B of the plan in respect of proposed Policy 6.4 Housing Allocation – Land North of Asher Lane, Ruddington. It would be helpful if you would provide an updated trajectory. This should also include further rows setting out the minimum housing requirements as per the Local Plan Part 1: Rushcliffe Core Strategy Policy 3 and actual and predicted performance against those requirements.”

Last week, survey work was carried out at RUD01 by Geodyne Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Engineers {top picture} using a digger to take samples from points around the site – presumably to investigate the issues identified with allowing building on the flood prone field off Wilford Road. It is expected these findings will be revealed at the hearings and assist The Planning Inspector in making his decision. The fact that he has so many questions about this one location would seem to underline doubts about its suitability, as also expressed by Chief Planning Inspector Nick Fagan. Ruddington Parish CouncilRuddington Community Association (RCA) and Protect Ruddington have all objected to this land west of Wilford Road being included – particularly now that planning approval for 175 houses off Asher Lane means this site is no longer needed to reach RBC’s stated requirement for 350 Green Belt homes in Ruddington.

You can read more about the background to this >>HERE<<. Further documents about the Local Plan Examination can be found >>HERE<<.

Please keep checking back to for more news and information as we get nearer to the dates of the hearing.

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