Landowner Appeals for Musters Road Access

A Ruddington Green Belt site already given outline planning approval for 175 new homes is now the subject of a second appeal by the landowner – this time over the decision by Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) to refuse it an alternative access route.

75, Musters Road would be bulldozed

The last time Space Foods Ltd appealed to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate – when RBC rejected plans for 175 homes on this land off Asher Lane – its appeal was successful! This was to the dismay of local residents, Ruddington Action Group (RAG) and Ruddington Parish Council – who’d fought long and hard to prevent a development here right up until the site was rather surprisingly granted permission for housing in May 2018.

The outline plans that were given the green light on that occasion show access to the new housing development via two points off Asher Lane alongside Rushcliffe Country Park. This was despite a subsequent revision by the land owners suggesting an alternative route in from the north. Space Foods had purchased 75, Musters Road {pictured right} with a view to demolishing the property to put an access road through there instead – but its formal application to gain a route through off Musters Road via Distillery Street and Sandhurst Drive {see map below} was rejected by RBC in October last year.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Communities, Dave Mitchell, said: “The application was refused on grounds that the development would unacceptably impact on the amenities of the properties immediately adjacent to the site access point and in the wider area along Musters Road and Distillery Street by reason of increased noise and disturbance from vehicle movements associated with the development.”

However, Space Foods seems intent on getting access to its land by this route if at all possible and so has now exercised its right to appeal this decision. In the event that the Planning Inspector allows the appeal – meaning access via Musters Road rather than Asher Lane – RBC says it will recommend that any permission be subject to the conditions contained within the previous Section 106 agreement from the 2016 application.

This latest news comes ahead of a verdict due soon from The Planning Inspectorate about the other Green Belt sites in Ruddington which were included in The Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2. If all three of these are also rubber-stamped that would mean at least 350 further homes being built around our village by 2028 – in addition to the 175 already approved on the land south of Musters Road {below}.

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