An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Drivers who park in our village centre are being reminded of the strict one-way system through the car park!

It follows complaints to Ruddington Parish Council (RPC) about motorists using the entrance instead of the exit to leave the Church Street Car Park alongside the Co-op. This is despite the entrance on Church Street being both road-marked and signposted as ‘No Exit’ and the actual exit on Shaw Street also being clearly marked.

Now, due to concerns for pedestrians and other drivers, to tackle the problem the Parish Council (which owns the car park) is considering investing in EXTRA ‘No Exit’ signage.

RPC says: “It’s unfortunate that residents’ Council Tax payments have to be used likes this, because of the actions of a careless few. However, the alternative options, such as installing entrance and exit barriers, would cost a lot more – and given the obvious safety issues involved, ‘Do nothing’ isn’t an option at all.”

Can YOU think of any OTHER solution?  If so, please leave a comment on our Twitter or village Facebook sites.


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