Wilbur’s Tenth Birthday in Pictures

Ruddington residents and other Wilbur fans from further afield turned out in force at the Frame Breakers’ pub tonight to celebrate our favourite feline’s tenth birthday!

Here are some of our photos of the event…

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…predictably with no appearance whatsoever from its elusive star. Despite this, everyone seemed to have a great time – and the sun shone down!

If you have more pictures of our village cat’s special celebration you’d like to share with us, please post them to the Ruddington Facebook page or respond to the Tweet below…

If you’re still not quite sure of what on earth’s going on, please read the background >>HERE<<!

Money was being raised to install another life-saving defibrillator in Ruddington. Once the grand total is totted up, we’ll let you know how much was raised here at RUDDINGTON.info!

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