Spring Mindfulness in Ruddington

Ruddington mindfulness teacher Jakki Pritchard is set to run a Spring Mindfulness FREE ‘taster session’ followed by another eight week course in the Old Chapel at the Framework Knitters’ Museum.

‘Mindfulness’ in the Old Chapel

She started running her ‘Exercise Mindfulness’ sessions in our village in 2017 year to give locals easy access to what she describes as “an enlightening and life enhancing way to manage our own health and wellbeing”. After the first four courses proved to be so popular she’s now going ahead with a fifth – which she hopes even more Ruddingtonians will be tempted to try.

Jakki says: “With spring upon us, we may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ‘to-do’s’. Mindfulness can be life changing for helping us feel less overwhelmed by the never ending “to-do” lists – to slow down when we’re stressed or anxious, be less hard on ourselves and to appreciate fully the beauty of our own landscape and feel less weighed down by the stress life brings.” Jakki adds: “Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress by 40%, anxiety by 58% and depression or low mood by up to 50%. It gives us tools to relate differently to difficulties, respond more calmly and react less. We find more joy, wake up to life and live rather than exist.”

Jakki is listed with the UK Mindfulness Network and Be Mindful, from the Mental Health Foundation. She explains that becoming a “listed” mindfulness teacher was extremely important to her, so that participants can rest assured what they are receiving is real – with her teaching and courses meeting the high standards and good practice guidelines set by the network.

The FREE taster session is being held on Tuesday 16th April from 7.00 to 8.00pm. Then her next 8 week course will then begin on Tuesday 7th May from 7.00 to 8.45pm.

You can find out more by visiting www.exercisemindfulness.co.uk, emailing jakki@exercisemindfulness.co.uk or calling Jakki on 07730187310.


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