New Ruddington Shopping Precinct Approved!

Proposals for a chic, new shopping area in our village centre have been given the go-ahead by Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) planners.

The ‘mews’ style development behind Church Street in Ruddington has got the green light following the recent RBC consultation. This resulted in just one public objection – from a resident on Charles Street who was concerned about increased pressures on parking and it affecting neighbours’ privacy.

The ambitious scheme by Ruddington based Victoria Properties will turn the area to the rear of some of its existing village shops into a brand new retail space – comprising four additional shops, three flats and two office units. Access will be through a new archway alongside Philo’s Delicatessen on High Street. Two shops will fill the space between the entrance and The Bottle Top, as shown in the image below.

To achieve this, the now crumbling, single storey building formerly used by Thomas’s Greengrocers for storage will be demolished – along with some other small outbuildings on the land – and at least one mature tree will need to be removed. Philo’s current ‘garden’ will become part of the new outdoor space – with café-style seating proposed on the pedestrianised area, as illustrated above.

In approving these plans in Ruddington’s Conservation Area, RBC has imposed various conditions on the development including the type and style of building materials, mode of external lighting, landscaping and a ‘noise impact assessment’ during demolition and construction. Approval is also conditional upon the commercial premises only being used “between the hours of 08.00 and 22.00 on Mondays to Saturdays; and 09.00 and 18.00 on Sundays, Bank and National Holidays.”

You can view the full RBC planning permission document >>HERE<<.

The existing, single storey storage building will be demolished

Village reaction to the new development seems overwhelmingly positive, so far. Joy Chamberlain commented: “I think it sounds a wonderful plan both to enhance our current businesses and to introduce some new ones. It will be a brilliant use of the Thomas’s former storage area which, although historic, is not very eye catching. Anything that will encourage new blood into the village is great! We want to make stopping off in the village worth people’s while – and it sounds as if this could do it.” Benjamin Featherstone wrote: “The proposals seem to be well thought out and sympathetic to the conservation of the village high street. The boutique offices and shops to the rear would help to bring further independent businesses to the village. As a business owner myself, I welcome the idea of improving the amenities available and I am thankful to Victoria Properties for investing in the area, with a long term vision in mind.”

Ruddington Parish Councillor David Hall sounded this note of caution: “Take into consideration that there are two very deep wells on this site containing water. If allowed to fill in, the developer must allow for subsidence.”

Brian Perkins, of Victoria Properties, admits they won’t be quite sure what action to take regarding these wells until they’re uncovered. However, his company is very pleased to have received planning approval: “It makes the project work for us” says Brian. “A good selection of business and offices space should be good for the high street. We have had quite a few enquiring already. We would like start work in the next two months – sooner if possible.”

It is envisaged the shops surrounding the development will remain open as usual throughout the construction period. Additionally, the Honeycomb Christian Charity Shop will benefit from an extra entrance straight off the new precinct.

Brian adds that no name has yet been decided upon for the new shopping area: “As with our other developments, we’d like ‘Victoria’ to be part of it. There’s already a ‘Victoria Court’ in Ruddington – so maybe ‘Victoria Mall’ or ‘Victoria Mews’? We’re open to suggestions!”

You can access further details about these approved plans >>HERE<<.

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