Future of Navy 3 Bus Secure!

Ruddington’s main transport operator has confirmed the changes it made to our Navy 3 bus service in January have been sufficient to safeguard the route.

Timetable reductions were introduced ‘reluctantly’ earlier this year by Nottingham City Transport after the multi-award winning bus company revealed it had been running these services at a loss ever since taking over the old ‘Ruddington Connection’ route just over three years’ earlier.

It was in November 2015 that Trent Barton announced it was to withdraw its historic bus service from the City to Clifton via Wilford Lane and Ruddington. An outcry from residents, highlighted by RUDDINGTON.info, prompted a timely re-routing of the Navy 3 by NCT to provide a continuity of service for visitors and villagers. Unfortunately, subsequent attempts by the new operator to boost passenger numbers by increasing the frequency of these buses proved unsuccessful – with its early morning, evening and Sunday services remaining lightly used.

Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT’s Marketing Manager, explains: “The changes NCT made to Navy 3 at the end of January were implemented to safeguard the future of the route for the majority of customers who used it. Prior to January, the service had been operating at a significant loss and Navy 3 was failing to cover its operating costs, which is a legal requirement.”

Changes made to the Navy 3 on January 27th 2019 included shortening its route in Clifton, reducing its daytime frequency from every 20 minutes to half-hourly, and withdrawing early morning, evening and Sunday buses. The company advised its only other option would have been to withdraw the route completely – as Trent Barton had done in 2015.

The latest announcement is therefore great news for Ruddington’s bus users! “The changes have had the expected outcome and changed Navy 3 from a loss making route to one which is just covering its operating costs, which safeguards the route” says Mr Carver-Smith. But he adds: “No further changes or reinstatement of evening or Sunday buses are planned because this would increase the costs and push the route back into red – since we know the usage at these times wouldn’t cover these additional costs.”

You can find the current timetable for the Navy 3 >>HERE<<.

For residents, commuters and visitors needing to get to or from the City outside these times, remember that NCT also runs its frequent and eco-friendly Green 10 double-deckers into Ruddington from early each morning until last thing at night. This also operates on Sundays – when many of its services (Green 10C) run right through to Rushcliffe Country Park. There’s also the N48 NightBus for late night revellers to get back home from the city in the early hours at the weekend.

You can find the current timetable for the Green 10/10C/10X/N48 NightBus >>HERE<<.


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