The Old Bakehouse Celebrates Seven Years

The Old Bakehouse Tearoom sits so comfortably on Church Street, and is now such an integral part of Ruddington life, to current residents and visitors it’s like it’s always been here!

In reality, of course, the premises have undergone a couple of reincarnations since they were the former Horspools’ Bakery shop. However, Lesley Wells has made it all her own – and it’s seven years this week since she first started trading from there.

It was early in 2012 that Lesley’s long time dream of running a traditional, Victorian-style tea room in a village location started to turn into a reality. “I found this lovely building which lent itself really nicely to becoming a tea room” she recalls. “I did a lot of refurb and redecoration on it with my husband John and then, on the 9th of July, we opened. I’ve learned an exceptional amount, I’ve met some lovely lovely people and had some great experiences. It has been everything I’d hoped for!”

Lesley currently employs five members of staff throughout each week, and it has been very much a ‘family affair’ over the years. “When I first started out, my 14 year-old grand daughter Amber wanted to be a chef. She came in and helped me set it up, and she’s now gone on to being a successful chef” says Lesley. “My son John had some time in the kitchen when we first began. I’ve had two daughters work here: Anna – who’s developed the baking side of the business  – and Charlotte, who also had a time in the shop baking, as well. Grandsons Liam and Ewen have both worked out the front. Liam’s now gone on to do plumbing in the village!”

Lesley says she’s comfortable with the way The Old Bakehouse has ‘evolved’ into what it is today, with tea and her famous cakes very much to the fore, and just breakfasts and light lunches for those who’d like a little more. She’s also been part of the Ruddington Loyalty Card Scheme right from its launch – with a different, tempting Loyalty Offer each month to help boost trade for both her own business and other participating retailers within the village.

She adds: “I’d just like to say thank you to everybody for their support. We get some wonderful people in the tea room. We’ve got such loyal customers, it’s lovely – and makes life worth living!”

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The Old Bakehouse Tearoom opens 9.00am to 3.30pm from Monday to Saturday but also offers ‘special event’ catering – such as hen parties, baby showers and birthday celebrations. Enquiries and orders can be made during opening hours in person, on 0115 9846126 or via their Facebook Page.

This week the popular village venue celebrates its own milestone. Many happy returns and congratulations to Lesley and her team!

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