Searching for Ruddington Superstars!

The hunt is now on for unsung community, sporting, business and health heroes in Ruddington for this year’s Celebrating Rushcliffe Awards.

Residents and groups across the whole Borough are being invited to acknowledge volunteers, businesses, clubs, organisations, environmentalists, sports clubs and athletes and the best of its health and wellbeing and food and drink sectors. Organised by Rushcliffe Borough Council it’s an annual opportunity to reflect on so many groups and individuals who play essential roles in our community, bringing out the best in people and enterprise.

Previous Rushcliffe Award winners for our village include Ruddington Village Community Partnership (2019) The Bottle Top (2020)Rushcliffe Social Prescribing Group (Paradise Allotments, 2021), and Gordon Dyne (Wilwell Farm Cutting Nature Reserve, 2021).

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With Ruddington missing out on any awards last year, it’s hoped businesses, organisations, individuals and/or groups from our village can pick up some trophies this year.

Nominations for the ten awards in 2023 are now open until 11pm on Sunday October 15th and can be submitted online at or by calling 0115-914-8555, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.

These award categories are:

• Volunteer of the Year
An individual or group who gives countless hours and dedication to a Rushcliffe community.

• Business of the Year
Recognising a business in the Borough that supports the local community. This could be through employing local people and apprentices, growing their business, providing work experience or putting profit back into the Rushcliffe economy.

• Young Person/Group of the Year
An individual or group to watch in the future or being an excellent role model for other young people to emulate.

• Community Group of the Year
Recognising a club, organisation or community group who may have achieved success and are helping create a sense of place, epitomising what makes Rushcliffe great by coming together to improve their local area.

• Sportsperson of the Year
An individual who has achieved great success in their chosen sport, made a significant impact in their sport or in their club or team, been a role model for others and raised the profile of their sport or made considerable improvement in their performances and achievements.

• Sports Club of the Year
Acknowledging a sports club who has achieved success in their sport through diversity, competition or overcoming barriers to enable people to participate. Coaches, officials and volunteer nominations are encouraged to highlight achievements and club initiatives that have helped increase membership or the development of a new section.

• Food and Drink Establishment of the Year
Recognising a fantastic outlet who provide quality, provenance, and presentation as well as being the best place for a cuppa, sandwich, pint, pizza, or pie.

• Health and Wellbeing Award
Celebrating an individual’s or group’s tireless dedication in improving the health and wellbeing of members of their local community.

• Environmental Group or Project of the Year
Acknowledging individuals, organisations or projects that have an impact in making Rushcliffe a ‘greener’ place. This could include promoting nature conservation, reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, water conservation or improving quality of life for the people of the Borough.

• The Pride of Rushcliffe Award
An individual or organisation who makes others proud to live in Rushcliffe. This could be an inspirational sportsperson, public figure or head of a community or voluntary group who leads by example to make the Borough a better place to live and work.

Cllr Abby Brennan

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Deputy Leader Cllr Abby Brennan says: “The Celebrating Rushcliffe Awards will highlight some of the outstanding individuals and organisations who truly play their part in ensuring the Borough is a great place to live, has great sport and a great lifestyle. If you are inspired by someone who is making a difference, help celebrate and shine a light on them! Our young person or group of the year award is a perfect opportunity to recognise someone who is an excellent role model for other young people to emulate.

Cllr Brennan adds: “All shortlisted nominees will be invited to our wonderful annual awards evening where the winners will be announced and celebrated. It really is a one of the highlights of the year focussing on people who achieve and give so much. Make sure you nominate your heroes before the closing date on October 15th!”

The ten winners will be announced and celebrated in a special ceremony in the Borough later this year – with fingers crossed once again some of these will be from Ruddington!

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