Ruddington Bus Service Changes

Nottingham City Transport is reminding passengers there’ll be changes to some of its services from this weekend. However, in terms of our Ruddington buses, only the Green 10 will see slight adjustments to its timetable.

Due to increased traffic on the route, from Tuesday 29th May there’s a revised weekday peak schedule being introduced “to improve reliability”. If you usually catch the Green 10/10C/10X between Rushcliffe Business Park and the City, or vice versa, on Mondays to Fridays between 6.00am and 8.00am it’d be wise to check for new departure and arrival times before you travel. The revised timetable is >>HERE<<.

Additionally, Ruddington’s ‘Local Fare’ ticket – designed for people who are only travelling a small number of stops on NCT’s Buses within our village – is going up in price by 10p to £1.40. This can still be purchased either on the bus or in the NCTX Buses App.

If you travel further afield, you can read about ALL the service changes being made on NCT’s bus network >>HERE<<.

Residents and workers along Clifton Road and Wilford Road may be relieved to see that there is NO change so far to their Navy 3 services – connecting them with Clifton, Wilford, Trent Bridge and the City. There had been rumours circulating in the village that this route would be cut back or even axed due to a lack of passengers. It was back in 2015 when Nottingham City Transport re-routed this Clifton bus to also serve the northwest of Ruddington after Trent Barton withdrew its “Ruddington Connection’ service, citing low usage. However, NCT’s Marketing Manager, Anthony Carver-Smith, says: “–We are at the early stages of reviewing all of our Clifton services to see whether the changes we made in January 2017 have been successful. Once that review is complete, we’ll let passengers know.”

Meantime, of course, the usual mantra applies – “Use it or lose it!”

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