Expect Kirk Lane Delays

Motorists are facing peak time delays on one of Ruddington’s busiest routes up until this weekend.

A burst water main today (28th August) on Kirk Lane means that 24-hour two-way temporary traffic signals have been put in place to control traffic whilst Severn Trent Water carries out repairs to the pipe beneath the road.

According to Via East Midlands, this leak could take until this Friday (30th August) to fix. In the meantime, drivers are likely to be held up during busy periods. As the work is adjacent to the bus stop, a temporary stop has been put in place for NCT’s Green 10C peak time services, therefore passengers are asked to make sure they’re waiting in the correct place.

These emergency repairs come ahead of further scheduled work on Wilford Road, near Sellors’ Recreation Ground, on Monday (9th September). Trial holes for telecoms are being dug in the carriageway. Two-way signals are due to be in use here only off-peak, from 9.30am to 3.30pm, so delays for drivers and NCT’s Navy 3 buses should be minimal.

Temporary traffic lights will return to Wilford Road, too

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