Government Adds to Pothole Pot

It’s hoped Ruddington’s roads might benefit from a central Government boost to local maintenance funds to speed up much needed pothole repairs.

Nottinghamshire County Council has announced it has been awarded £8.28million specifically for fixing road craters in Nottinghamshire as part of the Department for Transport’s £2.5billion ‘Pothole Fund’. This is in addition to an existing allocation of £22.57million for general highway maintenance across the county.

Cllr John Cottee

Cllr John Cottee, Chairman of the council’s Communities and Place Committee, says: “We welcome this investment from the Department of Transport. We know that potholes are a large concern for our communities, and so over the last three years, we have invested an extra £24million of highways funding to deliver urgent repairs across Nottinghamshire.”

He continues: “We are committed to keeping the 2,734 miles of road across the county in the safest condition possible to ensure that Nottinghamshire is a great place to live, travel through, visit and start your business.”

However, it’s just a few hundred yards of road that’s been causing much dismay in Ruddington recently. Despite a total closure of Clifton Road for three days last month, to enable resurfacing between Camelot Street and Old Station Drive following a burst water main, villagers were astounded to see this work falling short of both junctions (photos above and below) which are still badly damaged and patched.

Kelly Harris-Whittle comments: “I can’t actually believe it has been left like that. The rest of the road is in an absolute state” whilst Tracey Louise Smith says: “I wonder when they’re going to fix the awful potholes further up the road towards The Fairham?”

It seems the reason is that Severn Trent were responsible only for the short section of Clifton Road on the hill deemed to be damaged by the escape of water. Repairing or resurfacing the rest is the responsibility of the County Council – and so must be found from its highways’ budget.

Cllr Cottee admits: “It is important to remember that this extra funding will not solve all of the county’s road issues, but we will continue to work closely with Via East Midlands to deliver repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

He adds: “Our highways inspection team do an excellent job carrying our regular inspections of all roads across Nottinghamshire, but we also rely on our communities to report any road defects to us. I’d like to thank people who have done this and encourage others to do the same using the MyNotts app or our website”

As soon as gets any news that Clifton Road and/or Clifton Lane are in line for a full resurfacing job we’ll let you know. Meantime, you can find details on other current and forthcoming village roadworks >>HERE<<.

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