Framework Knitters’ Big Knitathon

One hundred and fifty years’ ago, framework knitters led incredibly hard lives. They were expected to work six days a week from 12 to 16 hours a day.

This weekend, Frameshop Coordinator Matt Hamilton (pictured top) will be recreating an authentic frame knitting shift in a bid to raise over £1000 for Ruddington’s Framework Knitters’ Museum.

Matt explained the inspiration for the ‘Big Knitathon’ came about “…from visitors who regularly say ‘we don’t know we’re born’ – referencing the fact that we don’t realise how good we have it today. So, as a learning experience for myself and a fundraising opportunity for the museum, I’ll be doing a full 14-hour shift on the frames with the aim to gain real and genuine first-hand experience of life as a framework knitter” says Matt.

Matt said he’s keen “to really experience what using a frame would have been like for a knitter and to keep those experiences current in the museum – as the last time this was done at the museum was decades ago. This is also quite a spectacle, so it’ll be an amazing fundraising opportunity, too!”

Matt’s knitting marathon will be at the museum this Saturday 17th August – from 8am to 10pm – and other activities will be taking place, too. You can make an online donation >>HERE<<.  If you prefer, you can either post a cheque (but no cash in the post, please) or take your cash or cheque donation to the museum. Remember, if you’re a UK taxpayer, you can “Gift Aid” your donation too – either online or in person at the museum – so your money goes even further to support the museum.

You can find Ruddington’s Framework Knitters’ Museum on Chapel Street on foot or by car using the postcode NG11 6HE. Alternatively simply hop aboard Nottingham City Transport’s Navy 3 or Green 10 bus to Ruddington for a #RuddyGoodDayOut!

{Main photo courtesy of the Framework Knitters’ Museum}

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