Festive Foodbank Thanks

On Saturday (9th December) our local “NG11 Foodbank” foodbank held its Christmas appeal in Ruddington’s Sainsbury’s and Co-op supermarkets – and they’ve hailed it a great success.

Jill Reedman told us: “It was a cold, frosty morning but shoppers demonstrated the spirit of Christmas by their generous donations. They were invited to donate an item from a list which included festive treats like mince pies and Christmas puddings, as well as regular staples like tinned tomatoes and tea. Jo and I collected 4 trolleys full of groceries in the Co op, and Mark and Deb collected nearly as much in Sainsburys. Once again we were overwhelmed by the great response from people of all ages. We appreciate your support.”

The items have been delivered to the Clifton NG11 Foodbank from where they can be supplied to local people in crisis.

“December is always a difficult month for people struggling on low incomes” says Jill. “A sudden crisis like an unexpected bill, benefit delays or illness can mean families struggle to put food on the table. We hope that our villagers will continue to support the Foodbank as unfortunately the demand is rising. Thank you.”

Remember there are always NG11 Foodbank donation points in Sainsbury’s and the Co-op as well as in the Honeycomb Christian Charity Shop and St Peter’s Rooms on Church Street.

You can keep up to date with the latest NG11 Foodbank wishlist on Facebook and Twitter.

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