Experience Mindfulness in Ruddington

You’ve no doubt heard about ‘mindfulness’ but how about trying the experience? Well you have the chance, as local mindfulness teacher Jakki Pritchard is running another FREE ‘taster session’ in Ruddington at The Framework Knitters’ Museum. This will be followed by an eight week course in the village.

Jakki told RUDDINGTON.info “The 8-week MBCT (mindfulness based cognitive therapy) course offers us a way to unhook from the grip of stress or anxiety, a different way to be with our experience. Mindfulness skills help us to cope with the stresses and mood shifts of daily life in a new, less reactive and more responsive way. The course is potentially life changing for some and really teaches us the power of appreciation, gratitude and to find the calmer version of ourselves amidst the difficulties.”

Now, apart from the opportunity to experience mindfulness, you can now learn mindfulness skills through one-to-one coaching, as Jakki is listed with the UK Mindfulness Network and Be Mindful, from the Mental Health Foundation. “This is something I have ‘fallen’ into and both my clients and I have found it extremely nourishing and rewarding” explained Jakki. “One-to one coaching gives us the opportunity to learn mindfulness, but also to focus in on specific areas of life, for example working with anxiety, self-confidence or self-compassion. The sessions really give a client space to breathe and space to feel with no interruptions from other family members, the phone ringing or bleeping etc. Some real time for themselves in the peaceful setting of Hobbit Cottage or at their own home.”

Find out all about the course, one-to-one coaching and have a play at practise at the next FREE taster session on Tuesday 10th September, 6.30pm -7.30pm at The Framework Knitters’ Museum on Chapel Street in Ruddington, NG11 6HE.

The 8-week course will begin on Tuesday 24th September. You can find out more either at www.exercisemindfulness.co.uk or by emailing jakki@exercisemindfulness.co.uk.

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