Ruddington’s Buses During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Whilst most of us should be avoiding all travel and staying at home during the Coranvirus pandemic, Nottingham City Transport is maintaining a core service on its Green 10 route for key workers from our village and those needing to get by bus to Ruddington’s shops for essential supplies.

The Navy 3 is not running until further notice, however you can find and download the current Green 10 timetable >>HERE<<.

The company says: “These are uncertain times and we appreciate that lots of you have concerns and questions about how COVID-19 will impact on bus services, your travel and what we are doing in response to it. NCT continues to monitor the developing situation around the virus and our approach is to follow the latest guidance from government and Public Health England at all times.”

It adds: “Senior managers from across NCT are meeting several times each week to discuss its impact on bus services in the city. We will be keeping you up to date throughout here:”

Nottingham City Transport’s key points for passengers still needing to use its buses are as follows:-


NCT is maintaining its existing, rigorous cleaning regime, but we have enhanced the cleaning of the parts on buses that people touch most, such as hand poles, bell pushes and inside the driver cabs.

We have also installed additional hand sanitising points at all of our sites and are reminding all employees regularly to follow Public Health England’s advice of washing their hands regularly.

What Can I Do?….

We are urging all customers to continue following Public Health England’s advice related to coronavirus, which is available at and follow this advice:

  • Before and after travelling, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available.  Find information about how to wash your hands effectively on the NHS website.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough and sneeze.
  • If you have a high temperature or a new, continuous cough, stay at home and do not travel.
  • If you normally pay with cash, switch to using the NCTX Buses app

Ensuring You Get the Travel You Paid For During the Coronavirus…

Many of our customers have pre-paid for their travel and we want to ensure you do not lose out on the days you have paid for.

If you have an Easyrider consecutive days travel pass or mobile ticket and you have to self-isolate or are unable to travel for the foreseeable future because of the Coronavirus, we’ll ensure you get the full number of days you’ve paid for.

Easyrider Everyday and Easyrider Everyday Further, including Academic Passes for Schools, Colleges and Universities

If you have either of these card types, we’ll pause your travel and add back on the number of days you couldn’t travel. If your travel is purchased by your employer through a Staff Travel Scheme and deductions are made from your salary, please read the “Staff Travel Scheme” section below.

  • Notify us when you are self-isolating or unable to travel
  • We’ll pause the travel on your card
  • We’ll calculate how many days you have left on your card and add them back on to your card
  • Your days will start counting down again from the first date you present the card, which will set the new expiry date
  • To notify NCT, please complete this online form >>HERE<<.
  • Alternatively, you can apply for a refund – see below.

Direct Debit

f you are unable to travel for the foreseeable future, we recommend you cancel your Direct Debit and set it up again once you know you will be travelling with us.

If you are unable to travel for a short period of time because you have self-isolated, please get in touch when you are no longer self-isolating and we will reduce your next available direct debit payment by the number of days you didn’t travel.

This will be calculated by the daily rate of £1.77 multiplied by the number of days you couldn’t travel.

Easyrider Anyday and Easyrider Anyday Further

If you have an Easyrider Anyday or Easyrider Anyday Further card, you don’t need to do anything. If you can’t travel, the days simply stay on the card and don’t count down until you use the card again.

Mobile Tickets

If you have activated a 5 consecutive days (168 hours) ticket and find you have to self-isolate, we will add complimentary tickets to your account for the remaining full 24 hour periods you cannot use.

For example, if you activate the ticket on Monday and then self-isolate from Wednesday, we’ll add 3 x 24 hour tickets to your account for future use.

Please ensure that you contact NCT immediately if you self-isolate to receive your complimentary days. Please email and tell us the date you have self-isolated from.

Robin Hood Card Users

Details for Robin Hood cardholders are available >>HERE<<.

Staff Travel Schemes

We’ll pause the travel and add back on the number of days that couldn’t be used for travel.

  • Notify your employer when you are self-isolating or unable to travel.
  • Your employer will contact us and we’ll pause the travel on your card
  • We’ll calculate how many days you have left on your card until the next renewal period and add them back on to your card.
  • Your days will start counting down again from the first date you present the card, which will set the new expiry date.

You will need to speak to your employer about how they are handling the monthly deductions from your salary.

Concessionary Customers

Current government guidance is to avoid travelling unless it is essential and to practice social distancing. Concessionary travel remains available for essential travel before 09.30am on weekdays.


The 10% admin fee applied to refunds on Easyrider travel will be suspended until further notice. If you wish to apply for a refund, complete and return this form. The 31st March 2020 deadline for special student products has been waived. 

City Travel Centre

Our Travel Centre is now closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak. During this time, we’ve added the 7 and 31 consecutive day tickets to the NCTX Buses app. Online and telephone Easyrider top-ups available too, but please renew at least 3 working days before expiry.


Kinchbus 9 – All services suspended from March 30th 2020 until further notice.

CT4N 22/23 – Reduced timetable from 30th March 2020 – downloadable >>HERE<<.

NottsBus Connect 863 – Until Monday 6th April 2020 it’s continuing to operate to the usual timetable >>HERE<<. From Tuesday 7th April, Nottsbus Connect will be trialling a “demand responsive service” only. Call 0115 804 4699 or email between 10am and 12noon weekdays for travel the following day.

There’s more news about how COVID-19 Coronavirus is impacting Ruddington >>HERE<<.

NCT’s Green 10

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