More Christmas Kindness in Ruddington?

For the third year running, householders in our area are reporting envelopes filled with cash being pushed through their letterboxes over the festive period!

Once again the envelopes, each containing five £20 notes, have been delivered anonymously – marked only with the words “R. A. K. Random Act of Kindness”.

Jessica and her partner Joseph Porter

Among the recipients this time was Jessica Mitchell who got in touch with to tell us: “I was one of the receivers of a RAK of £100! I can’t explain how happy I am that people could be so kind! Merry Christmas to whoever you are!”

Again the benefactor does not wish to be identified – but is known to the admins of a local community group. They can reveal only that 10 envelopes were posted this year – each containing £100: “The person(s) that do this amazing R.A.K. just want to give back and help create smiles and a true sense of giving at Christmas. It is not guaranteed to be gifted every year but the person(s) feel that whilst they are in a position to do so they will. This is the third year this person(s) have now carried through this amazing RAK.”

Previously these envelopes of cash have been posted to addresses in Clifton, Silverdale and Ruddington. If you are a Ruddington recipient of one of these Christmas envelopes this year – or you know of someone in our village who was – please tell soonest, as we’d love to hear from you and add you in to this news story.

You can let us know on our Facebook Page >>HERE<< or privately via our Contact page >>HERE<<. We can then publish a ‘thank you’ message from you to the mystery donor. (We can withhold your name, if you prefer to remain anonymous.)


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