The Travellers Return!

Local residents and park users could only look on in disbelief this lunchtime as the welcome return of the rain coincided with some probably less welcome members of the travelling community casually letting themselves back onto Sellors’ Playing Field and setting up camp again.

It’s just one month since a group of travellers – which adjacent householders told us they thought were mostly the same people as this time – were evicted from the same site after breaking into the Ruddington recreation ground at the start of July. On that occasion they were here for a week – but the facility was closed to the public for a further six days on health and safety grounds until a clean up had taken place. This whole episode is said to have cost landowners Ruddington Parish Council (RPC) thousands of pounds. It was reopened just in time to allow the 2018 “Ruddington Wakes” funfair to take place there as planned. It’s known the travellers then moved on to Wilford – before being also evicted from there.

This latest group of travellers claim to have come from Warrington. Bailiffs have confirmed they are, in fact, NOT the same individuals as were here a month ago. This time, rather than lifting the reinstalled security gate off its hinges to gain entry to Sellors’ Recreation Ground, it seems they forced the padlock. Onlookers reported their procession of motor homes and caravans rolled onto the playing field at around 12.35pm today (Friday 10th August).

After a visit early this afternoon from Rushcliffe Police it seems very swift action has already been taken by RPC to minimise their stay. They’ve informed us: “The Parish Council has contacted a bailiffs firm to serve an eviction notice this afternoon and the bailiffs will be on site on Monday (13th August) at 3pm to make sure that they leave.” Police have confirmed they will also be present at this time.

There’s now an update >>HERE<<.

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