Council Approves ‘Ruddy Duck’!

Ruddington is soon to have its own very distinctive, feathered mascot – after ‘Ruddy Duck’ was given the go ahead at the full meeting of Ruddington Parish Council (RPC) last night (14th May).

The airborne ambassador was proposed by RPC’s Events Sub-Committee to ‘engender a sense of fun’ around our village at forthcoming events such as its Summer and Christmas Fayres, the Great Get Together, Kite Festival, and more. They say: “The Events Team are delighted that the Parish Council support our proposal to purchase a mascot costume. We believe the Ruddy Duck character will give a lot of enjoyment to youngsters in Ruddington and enhance our various events.” It is also planned to hire it out for other occasions. The costume chosen by the committee will be designed and made in Britain by Frenzy Creative and will look (roughly) as pictured above.

However, there has been more than a little surprise from some quarters at the substantial cost of creating this bespoke outfit – which will be £1,082.50. (You can find more details on the RPC meeting agenda >>HERE<<.)

Jackie Saletti took to social media to say: “Are they mad? Surely there are better things to spend our money on?” Adam Martyn commented “If you said £50 then maybe. But not that amount. Ruddy madness!” Matthew Roberts said: “This is quackers! Is it going on the bill?” whilst Tamily Cookson quipped: “Completely rid duck u lous!”  Former Parish Councillor Sarah Godfrey added: “No. I don’t think this is a good idea, sorry. This is a village, not a football team.”  You can read further comments >>HERE<<.

Despite this, there were no objections from Councillors nor from the members of the public who attended the meeting last night. RPC is also keen to point out that £500 of the price tag for the new ‘Ruddy Duck’ costume is being financed from a dedicated tourism budget. It says requests for additional contributions from Reg Adair at Nottinghamshire County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council have already been made, to top up the Events budget, if successful.

A REAL ‘Ruddy Duck’

Nevertheless, Barbara Smithson thinks: “There must surely be better ways of promoting this wonderful village with the same amount and source of money?” And, despite REAL Ruddy Ducks sometimes being spotted by bird watchers at our Country Park, Cath Lovatt of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust pointed out: “Ruddy Ducks are an invasive non-native species that have caused problems in the UK. I’m not sure the village needs this association!?”

Needed or not, Ruddingtonians will be able to shake wings with – and hopefully embrace our new feathered friend – at village events from this summer!

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