Heatwave Bin News

To ensure our household waste gets collected this week, Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) is advising us we’ll need to get our grey bins out an hour earlier than usual.

Ruddington’s refuse collections this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (August 10th to 12th) will begin at 6am, instead of their usual 7am start time; to reduce RBC’s waste team’s exposure to the forecast, extreme weather conditions.

It follows an Amber weather warning for this week which is set to last over the weekend. It could see temperatures reach 34 degrees Celsius in our village.

Cll Rob Inglis

RBC says the earlier starts will help its crews get more bins emptied in the morning before the temperatures peak later in the day. This is in line with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) advice for outdoor working.

RBC’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety, Cllr Rob Inglis, says: “Our waste teams work tirelessly week in week out and their welfare is of paramount importance. With the Amber weather warning in place this week, we’re keen to minimise their time spent working outdoors at the height of the temperatures.”

He adds: “We thank residents for ensuring their bin is out earlier than normal on these three days and are aware many will be unaffected by these changes having routinely placed their bin out for collection the night before.”

Depending upon where you live in our village, find the full list of Ruddington’s scheduled grey, blue and green bin collection days on Wednesdays >>HERE<<, Thursdays >>HERE<< and Fridays >>HERE<<.

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