Flawforth Lane to Close Yet AGAIN!

It’s been announced that one our key village access routes will need to be closed for yet MORE roadworks – despite already having been shut to traffic for over THREE MONTHS at the end of last summer and then for a further three weeks Ruddington-bound this January!

A NEW notice warns that a closure of Flawforth Lane will be needed again at “Barn Farm” for five days from Monday 22nd October at 8.00am until Friday 26th October at 5.00pm. It’s so that Severn Trent Water can make a new connection “…from a point 1250 metres east of its junction with A60 Loughborough Road in an easterly direction for a distance of 2000 metres.” A spokesperson has confirmed that this is a FULL road closure, including for cyclists and pedestrians. However, if when beginning the work the teams deem it safe, they may open the footpaths for residents in the area.

Although this country lane is not officially a major route in and out of Ruddington it is a popular shortcut for both village residents and commuters, particularly at peak times, so the closure will again cause inconvenience and delays for drivers forced around the diversionary route. Motorists who would normally go that way from the Loughborough Road/Kirk Lane traffic lights to the roundabout will instead be diverted along the A60, via The Nottingham Knight roundabout, onto the A52 instead, and vice-versa.

No bus routes will be directly affected by this diversion – but delays to peak time services using Loughborough Road are possible.

In the meantime, drivers beware that three days’ of electrical work by Western Power Distribution means off-peak temporary lights will be in use along Flawforth Lane from Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th October – between 9.30am and 3.30pm each day.

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