Our New Look Bookies

It’s just over two months since the relative peace and quiet of a Sunday evening in Ruddington was shattered by the dramatic arrival of fire crews, cordoning off High Street and smashing through the door to tackle a blaze at our village bookmakers.

Photo from 23rd June by Rory Betts

On 23rd June 2019 our branch of Coral had already closed for the day when smoke was seen billowing from the building and the emergency services called to the scene at just after 7pm. The fire was quickly extinguished and the cause identified as an electrical fault in the back office. However, significant smoke damage to the interior led to our betting shop being closed for around nine weeks.

“In retail terms that’s a long time” explains Customer Service Manager Elaine Moore. “The fire was devastating for everybody concerned. Our customers obviously had to go elsewhere – but they are slowly returning and we are welcoming them back with open arms” she says.

Elaine and Simone back at work

It seems every cloud has a silver lining because, as a direct consequence of the blaze, the premises were completed revamped before being reopened! Everything is now new – from televisions to seating areas, carpets, till systems and even a disabled toilet.

Elaine reveals customers have been delighted with the refurbishment: “We’ve got a nice, brand new shop. We would like to attract new customers – as long as they are over 18. We also have the ‘Bet Station’ where people can do their football bets, dogs, horses and anything like the Irish Lottery – and we are always on hand to help.”

New branch manager Simone Monzo says, although people can go online, it’s much nicer to go into a shop: “It’s just more personal, with staff behind the counter, you get a coffee when you come in, and it’s a lot easier to control your gambling in the shop than online, I think. Just come in and see us!”

Coral Bookmakers in Ruddington is open Monday to Friday 9am-9pm; Saturday 8.30-8pm and Sunday 10am-6.30pm. The only time they’re closed is Christmas Day!

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