Welcome Back on the Buses!

After the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning (17th July 2020), about using public transport for all journeys, Nottingham City Transport (NCT) says it looks forward to welcoming us back on board.

As COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions continue to be eased, Boris Johnson has said it’s now okay to catch a bus for any journey, not just for essential travel. With both Ruddington’s Navy 3 and Green 10 services now back to a full timetable that means a leisure trip by bus for a #RuddyGoodDayOut is back on the agenda!

However, passengers are reminded that the government has made it compulsory to wear a facial covering on public transport, unless a valid medical reason makes this impossible. Otherwise, if you do not wear a face covering, you will be breaking the law and could be fined £100 – or £50 if you pay the fine within 14 days.

As we reported previously, NCT has achieved Visit Britain‘s official industry “Good to Go” standard, which confirms the operator is following industry and Government guidance on COVID-19, social distancing and cleanliness. It’s in a bid to reassure passengers that travelling by bus is safe when they follow the NCT’s Safer Travel Guidance. This has been updated today and is available >>HERE<<.

The key points to remember when using a bus to and from Ruddington or elsewhere are summarised in the video below – for the benefit of those of us only now returning to public transport following the ‘lockdown’:

As it’s expected passenger numbers will take a long time to get back up to previous levels, the government is still providing financial support to bus companies like NCT to enhance their services – in order to provide maximum capacity for people to be able to space out safely whilst travelling onboard.

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