Ruddington Neighbourhood Watchers Needed!

Earlier this month Rushcliffe Borough Council launched an invitation for residents to join Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in their area “to help reduce crime and promote safe, informed communities”.

This led to discover that, out of all the Neighbourhood Watch groups dotted around our village, only ONE of them remains active! That’s the scheme covering the Ashworth Avenue, Packman Drive and Ling Crescent area which was initiated by local teacher and photographer Peter McConnochie: “I live in Packman Drive and decided to set up a local Neighbourhood Watch group several years ago as I have four children and felt it would help keep the neighbourhood safe and friendly” explains Peter. “I am the NHW scheme coordinator. It’s my job to keep the scheme administered and running and to keep the online details updated for potential new members to join.”

Peter says his group is a relatively new one, with only a small number of residents involved, so if you live in the area shown on the map above he’d love to hear from you via the NottsWatch website: “I do think it’s important, as a neighbourhood watch scheme builds stronger communities. Since I started the scheme I’ve been contacted by other villagers in areas without a scheme who have been concerned about crime and anti social behaviour. I’ve been able to give them advice on who to contact but, ultimately, the scheme is about providing a friendly support, keeping an eye out for your neighbours and creating a happier and safer community more than fighting crime in the area.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety, Councillor Rob Inglis (pictured top centre), says: “Joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a fantastic way to become more engaged in your community and receive support and advice on the latest community safety talking points. Getting involved doesn’t necessarily mean you need to co-ordinate local efforts, it can simply involve keeping up to date on crime prevention advice with regular contact with your local police force and the Borough Council.”

Peter McConnochie

Those involved with a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme can also find out more about their local beat team and the outcome of investigations into local crime.

Peter adds: “I’d love to see more residents get involved in setting up their own schemes or joining the one in my area. It would be great to be more active and develop the NHW community in the village to help Ruddington remain a place where we know and look out for each other in a helpful and kind way.”

Individuals can join or coordinate a local group – or reinstate a lapsed one – by contacting Rushcliffe Borough Council’s ‘Community Safety Team’ via the NottsWatch website.

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