Roadworks Force Bus Timetable Changes

The return of four-way temporary traffic signals to Ruddington’s Loughborough Road/Kirk Lane/Flawforth Lane junction, coupled with the latest bombshell that these lights will now continue until November, has led Ruddington’s main operator to revise one of its timetables until the works are completed.

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) is concerned they’ve once again been causing significant disruption to its Green 10 service, particularly at peak times and early evening. This is because of the buses needing to join long queues at the Kirk Lane / Loughborough Road junction to get to Ruddington Fields Business Park and back.

Daily queues along Kirk Lane…

An NCT spokesperson reveals: “This doesn’t just affect the Ruddington end of the route or the journeys which serve the Business Park. It also causes significant unreliability across the full route and to the main 10 service because the buses which operate as a 10X then a 10 afterwards.”

Previously the company turned around its buses after the Scout Hut stop when they were running late but now believes it has come up with a better solution…

“To prevent ongoing disruption to all customers, we are changing how we serve Ruddington Business Park on Mondays to Fridays from Monday 17th June until the works are finished. Most Green 10C and Green 10X buses will instead operate as a Green 10 between the City, Trent Bridge, Wilford Hill and Ruddington Green. A free, dedicated Shuttle Bus will operate to/from Ruddington Business Park, which passengers can change to the 10 on Loughborough Road to/from City.”

Further details of the specific buses affected by these changes, and how the new shuttle bus will operate between The Green and the Business Park, can be found >>HERE<<.

NCT says, by splitting the Ruddington Fields Business Park link in this way (as shown above), its Green 10 buses will avoid the traffic queues on the A60, which should ensure reliability across the full route. There are currently no planned changes to how these buses will operate on a Sunday.

The revised Ruddington Green 10/10C/10X timetables from Monday 17th June 2024 until further notice can be viewed/downloaded >>HERE<<.

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