Bus Company’s Advice on Face Coverings

Whilst the Government says using public transport should still be avoided during COVID-19 Coronavirus ‘social distancing’ restrictions, Nottingham City Transport is advising that passengers making essential journeys may benefit from wearing a face covering. Ruddington’s main bus operator says this may be ‘marginally beneficial’ in some circumstances as a precautionary measure.

“The evidence suggests that wearing a face covering does not protect you, but it may protect others if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms. This is most relevant for short periods of time indoors, such as small shops and on public transport, where social distancing is not always possible” explains the company.

It’s being pointed out that a face covering is not the same as the surgical masks or respirators used by healthcare and other workers as part of personal protective equipment. These should continue to be reserved for those who need them to protect against risks in their workplace, such as health and care workers, and those in industrial settings, like those exposed to dust hazards.

Advice on how to make a face covering is available >>HERE<<.

NCT’s latest travel guidance now includes wearing a face covering

NCT emphasises: “If you choose to wear a mask or covering, it is important to use the face covering properly and wash your hands before putting them on and after taking them off. Please take any face covering with you when you alight the bus.”

However, wearing a face covering is optional and is not currently required by the law. NCT confirms its drivers will not prevent people from boarding who are not wearing a face covering.

As a gradual easing of restrictions means bus passenger numbers are soon expected to rise, the operator has also announced it will reinstate some services as additions to its ‘Special Timetables’ from Sunday May 31st – full details of which can be found >>HERE<<. This is also to enable better ‘social distancing’ by maintaining lower passenger numbers on each bus.  However, this does not include the return of Ruddington’s Navy 3 service just yet – nor any changes to the current Green 10 schedules.

Find the ‘lockdown’ Ruddington Green 10 bus timetable >>HERE<<.

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