Village Car Dealer Expands into Vans

A Ruddington based business which prides itself on sourcing quality used cars to customers’ exact requirements has announced it will now offer the same bespoke service for those wanting vans.

National Car Finder was launched at Kempson Court in April 2016 by Jon Lee. He previously worked as a car auctioneer for almost 30 years – a job which brought him to live in Ruddington around 14 years’ ago. He told “The idea of a business which would help people save money and get the right car just ate away at me – and Ruddington was where we wanted to be. Friends and family were always asking me to find them a good, cheap car – so what we decided to do was actually supply EVERYBODY at ‘mates rates’ with no hidden charges and no surprises! I remember my own father getting sold down the river by a garage – and I swore that would never happen to anybody when I was selling cars.”

Sports fan Jon has certainly embraced village life – being a supporter and sponsor of the cricket team and other local sides as well as helping to coach the players of tomorrow with new youth cricket initiatives introduced over the past four years. He’s also backing Ruddington’s Mustard Seed Project which raises funds to provide clean water, food and an education for children in Uganda. For every vehicle sold National Car Finder donates £25 to the charity.

Two years of satisfied customers later, Jon has just launched an additional website – National Van Finder. “We’ve been approached by local businesses and tradespeople to see if we can supply good quality used vans as well as cars – which we then did. That brought us on to our next venture – working along exactly the same lines as National Car Finder.”

The two facets of the expanding business are now being promoted separately with dedicated social media and websites. The ‘Get Started’ section allows you to input what car or van you’d like, including your specifications and budget – leaving Jon and his team to do the hard work getting you “the best possible vehicle at the best possible price”.

You’ve also the option of visiting them in person – at Unit 1 on Kempson Court in Ruddington (along the side street next to the Conservative Club). Jon says: “Our doors are always open. You’re more than welcome to call in, have a chat, see how we work and get comfortable with our services. If you’re buying a ‘fully loaded’ car – with lots of extras – we’ll also take all  the time you need going through everything to show you how it works! And we give six months’ warranty with every vehicle.”

You can find their new website at

Satisfied customer Neil pictured with his new tipper van

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