More Ruddington Roadworks

Motorists and bus passengers can expect delays to their journeys through Ruddington from today through until the end of next week.

It’s because two sets of roadworks are taking place – beginning with Cadent laying a new gas main on Clifton Road from January 29th to February 4th. Until this work is completed, two-way temporary traffic lights are being used to control traffic – which are likely to cause hold-ups for residents, commuters and bus services between Ruddington and Clifton.

Further work is then due to take place on both Clifton Road and Wilford Road next week (February 4th to 8th) as Nottinghamshire County Council uses Stop/Go boards to control traffic whilst new white lines are painted on the highway. This also has the potential to cause delays for drivers and NCT’s Navy 3 service between Ruddington and the City.

There’s also advance warning that resurfacing work will take place in Ruddington’s village centre on Monday & Tuesday 25th & 26th February 2019. Multi-way temporary traffic signals will be in use during this period – on High Street and Church Street – with significant traffic delays inevitable.

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