‘Light Up Ruddington’

Churches in our village have got together to suggest a rather less scary and more positive alternative for householders than celebrating Hallowe’en this year.

Instead, ‘Light Up Ruddington’ has been launched by Mark Holden, who’s the Children, Families & Youth Leader at the Baptist Church: “After a member of our church saw this project being run in Loughborough – which they called ‘Streets of Light’ we thought we could do it here in Ruddington” explains Mark.

“The idea is that as we are surrounded by so much negative news, worry and concern about what is going to happen during the coming months we could encourage people to show some positive messages and spread light, hope and love by producing stain glass window decorations or simply putting up some bright lights in their windows” he says.

All you’ll need is some black card to cut out and inlay with coloured tissue to display in a prominent, well-lit window – as demonstrated in the photos above from similar projects which have taken place in Loughborough and Sheffield. Now it’s hoped Ruddingtonians can be inspired to do likewise – with village businesses as well as households being encouraged to take part.

“As people are unable to enter peoples homes we thought it might be fun for families with children to produce images that others can see from the street. It would be great if people got involved” says Mark.

Baptist Minister Sam Hackett adds: “We would love this idea to go viral as we think we’ve seen enough dark, scary things this year and want Ruddington to be a place of light, hope and love as we approach Hallowe’en.”

We’re asked to ‘Light Up Ruddington’ from Monday 26th until Saturday 31st. The Baptist Church would also like villagers to post pictures of their lit up windows on Twitter @RuddingtonBC so they can Retweet and share the photos for all to see.

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