Let Us Pray

Although many church buildings remain open for private worship during ‘lockdown’, if you are unable to visit, or still uncomfortable doing so at the moment, our own St Peter’s Church has a new idea to assist you until COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Andrew the Vicar

Vicar of Ruddington, the Reverend Andrew Buchanan, explains: “With this horrific pandemic dragging on longer than any of us imagined, here at St Peter’s we thought that everyone could do with a little help. So we’ve set up a dedicated ‘prayer line’ for anyone who would like a little help from ‘him upstairs’. All you need to do is to text 07734 182536 or email stpetersruddprayer@gmail.com – and one of us will pray for you. Your details will be kept confidential – although if you confess to being an axe-murderer, we’ll probably need to tell someone!”

Rev Buchanan adds that this is, of course, FREE – other than for any small cost you might be charged for sending a text by your mobile network provider. “If you feel stuck, or could just do with a little help, we’d love to pray for you” he adds.

You also have the option of joining in with Sunday morning and weekday services from St Peter’s Church online via either their Facebook page or YouTube channel.

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