It’s Election Time!

Even before Prime Minister Theresa May announced a surprise general election for Thursday the 8th of June – approved by MPs today – polling cards had been sent out to households in Ruddington to vote in the forthcoming Nottinghamshire County Council elections.

The local elections are taking place just five weeks earlier – on Thursday the 4th of May – with TWO Councillors to be elected for our new “Leake & Ruddington” Electoral Division. For those two seats there are EIGHT candidates standing:-

  • Reg Adair (Conservative Party)
  • Jason Richard Billin (Liberal Democrat Party)
  • Debbie Boote (Liberal Democrat Party)
  • Andy Brown (Conservative Party)
  • Yvonne Barbara Lishman (Labour Party)
  • Stephen Richard Perriman (Green Party)
  • Jill Maureen Reedman (Labour Party)
  • Ian Paul Wilson (Green Party)

You can find more information on the County Council elections >>HERE<<.

Ruddington’s current MP, the Rt Hon.Kenneth Clarke. Photo courtesy of


Meantime, Ruddington’s MP, the former Conservative chancellor and “Father of the House” Kenneth Clarke, is set to stand again in the 8th of June general election.

Mr Clarke, who has represented the Rushcliffe constituency for 47 years, had indicated that he would step down in 2020 after 50 years as an MP.  But, with voters now going to the polls three years earlier than expected, his office has confirmed that the 76-year-old “Remain” supporter will be putting himself forward once more.

When other parties announce their candidates we’ll let you know…

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