Police to Increase Ruddington Patrols

In response to residents’ concerns about an increase in crime, anti-social behaviour and vandalism in Ruddington, Inspector Craig Berry of Rushcliffe Police is promising to get more officers on to our village streets.

Incidents reported in just the past two weeks include “house burglary”, “theft from person”, “vehicle crime” and “anti-social behaviour”. Police have also produced this map of our two, identified hotspot locations:-

Inspector Berry has given RUDDINGTON.info this summary:-

Former Youth & Community Centre Vandalism

“There have been a number of calls in relation to incidents of criminal damage at the former Ruddington Youth Club building (pictured top) on The Green. The location is no longer in use and local youths have been seen climbing on the building, breaking in to the property and generally causing a nuisance. PCSO Kathy Lucock will be available this Saturday morning, the 14th April, at 10am in the Parish Council building (St Peter’s Rooms) if you would like to discuss this or anything else.”

Inspector Craig Berry

Thefts near Rushcliffe County Park

“There have been thefts from young people close to the Rushcliffe Country Park during the early evenings. The good news is Nottinghamshire Police have made two arrests for these crimes. In addition detectives have just made a further arrest of a teenage suspect (12th April) for similar offences in West Bridgford.”

Vehicle Crime

“There have been eight reported autocrime offences over the last two weeks in the estates off both sides of Clifton Road – two on Camelot Street overnight 3rd April and two on Woodhouse Gardens overnight on 5th April. One stolen vehicle was located on St Saviours Gardens over in The Meadows. A Silver VW Golf 57 plate remains outstanding. Vehicle crime is a shared problem with neighbouring areas and it is worthy of note that close by in West Bridgford there have been reports of new BMWs being stolen without keys/fobs. It is suspected that the criminals are using a ‘relay car theft’ device where the identity of the key inside the address is cloned from outside and the cloned device is then used a means for starting the vehicle (see diagram below). There are various solutions to this and we advise that you speak to your car dealer and check for aftermarket security devices and ensure your vehicle is fitted with a tracker.”

Inspector Berry promises that, in the next two weeks, Rushcliffe Police aim to increase their visibility in Ruddington: “We will increase stop and search opportunities and vehicle stops to increase intelligence opportunities to identify suspects and reduce crime. We need your support please. Be vigilant. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your neighbourhood. Speak to your neighbours and let them know to report suspicious people and vehicles (including registration numbers) to Nottinghamshire Police on 101 – or 999 if a crime is in progress.”

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