Ruddington’s Tour of Britain Buses

Our main public transport provider has revealed how its services will run before, during and after The Tour of Britain cycle race passes through Ruddington this Saturday, September 8th.

If you’re a spectator from outside the village – coming here to watch the 120 top riders speed through – you’re being advised that parking will be at a premium and prohibited along the route itself. Nottingham City Transport is providing a frequent and hassle-free alternative into our village aboard its Navy 3 and Green 10 buses. You can view the detailed Tour of Britain schedule through Ruddington >>HERE<<.

However, there will inevitably be some changes during the morning race period, as follows:-


From 10:15 until 11:00, buses will divert via Queen’s Drive and Clifton Bridge whilst the cyclists are on Trent Bridge, Wilford Lane and Ruddington.

There will be a temporary break in service through Ruddington, with the last buses as follows:

  • From City to Ruddington – 09:50 then 11:10 (Green 10 is still serving most of Ruddington to/from Rufford Road)
  • From Ruddington to Clifton – 10:14 then 11:34
  • From Ruddington to City – 09:59 then 11:19 (Green 10 is still serving most of Ruddington to/from Rufford Road)
  • From Clifton (Hartness Road) to Ruddington – 09:40 then 11:00

Buses to Clifton will follow their normal route to Nottingham Railway Station and Arkwright Street then RIGHT Crocus Street, LEFT Waterway Street, LEFT Queen’s Drive (full length) to Clifton Bridge North, LEFT on to the A52 Slip Road, RIGHT to take the underpass and BEAR LEFT on to the slip road to serve Silverdale; CONTINUE on to the A453, LEFT Farnborough Road and continue to The Fairham roundabout, to u-turn and return back along Farnborough Road to resume normal route.

Buses to City will follow their normal route to The Fairham roundabout and then u-turn at the roundabout back along Farnborough Road (full length) to the A453, RIGHT Clifton Lane to the Silverdale roundabout, serving the Silverdale stop, CONTINUING Clifton Bridge North, RIGHT Queen’s Drive, passing NG2 Business Park, RIGHT Arkwright Street, RIGHT Crocus Street, LEFT Arkwright Street to resume normal route.

There will also be a brief period whilst cyclists are crossing Arkwright Street and buses will have to wait until the road re-opens.


From 10:30 until approx. 11:00, buses will be unable to serve Ruddington Centre.

Buses to Ruddington will follow their normal route to Rufford Road. This will be the closest stop to Ruddington Centre.

Buses to City will pick up from Rufford Road then LEFT Easthorpe Street, LEFT Loughborough Road (A60), passing the petrol station. Buses will wait their time at Loughborough Road / Ashworth Avenue, departing 5 minutes after their Ruddington Green time.

There will be a temporary break in service to Ruddington Centre, with the last buses as follows:

  • From City to Ruddington – 09:45 then 10:45
  • From Ruddington Green to City – 10:23 then 11:23

If you’re bringing the family for a #RuddyGoodDayOut don’t forget a Grouprider ticket on a Saturday costs you just £5 for all day NCT travel and covers up to 5 people (minimum 1 adult, maximum 2 adults) – meaning it’s is ideal for a family trip or even just for 2 adults travelling together.

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