Ruddington’s Traditional Sweet Shop

Have YOU discovered Sweetie Boutique yet?

It’s a brand new, yet slightly retro, Ruddington business owned and run by village resident Sue Kosciekowski {pictured} who began trading at the front of Julia’s Kitchen on High Street at the start of December. Since then, her shop’s been attracting a lot of attention and praise from shoppers old and young! By opening this unique outlet, Sue has fulfilled her dream of running a traditional sweet shop in our village – and sells around 350 different types of pick ‘n’ mix varieties, sourced from dozens of manufacturers around the country, plus around forty more types on the truffle, loose chocolate and fudge counter. These include sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free and even Halal options.

Sue says: “If there’s something customers want that I don’t have, I’ll try and find it. I’ve had a few challenges already, tracking old sweets down. I’ll get it, see if it actually is ‘the real McCoy’ and, if it is, it’ll go onto the shelf!”

If you’re looking for a premium, bespoke gift Sue can also oblige : “My handmade chocolate roses are an alternative to ordinary roses – and I do hallmarked bouquets, sweet trees, chocolate trees and also chocolate models – but they do take a bit of time” explains Sue. Another special creation is her chocolate and flower double heart {see slideshow below}: “I made it with 120 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and red roses supplied by Phoenix Flowers up the road. Three days hard labour, that was! But I can make them to order with whatever colour flowers or type of chocolates you like.” A cheaper and quicker option is the posh chocolates and truffles which can be bought for someone special – or yourself – over the counter: “As long as everybody can come into the shop and is able to afford something, I’m happy. There’s something to suit everyone’s budget.”

Sue is also taking her business ‘on the road’ every month to the new Ruddington Village Market at The White Horse – which now springs up on the first Saturday morning of every month. She reveals: “We go ‘old school’ for that – with ‘pot luck’ pick ‘n’ mixes, jars and sweet boxes – plus some of our gift selection for sale. So there’ll be a bit of something for everybody, hopefully!”

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Meantime, Sweetie Boutique is open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am until 5.30pm and also on Sundays from 10.30am to 4.00pm at 14, High Street. You can contact Sue on 07904 445572 or through her Facebook page.

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