Looking For Sweet Success

The renaissance of Ruddington’s village centre seems to be progressing nicely – with another independent trader who’s just set up her unique business at 14, High Street.

The already colourful premises occupied by Julia’s Kitchen are now even more striking thanks to Sweetie Boutique, owned and run by Ruddington resident Sue Kosciekowski. Since relocating from Church Street, just over two years’ ago, Julia Towers found she’s had rather more space than she’s needed – even after all her cake making and party accessories were put on display. Therefore she was delighted to welcome her friend to share the shop. Julia, her kitchen and her products can now be found towards the rear, whilst Sweetie Boutique is to the front and left hand side.

“Me and Julia have been friends for quite some time” explains Sue.  “I came in one day and told her I needed a new career – as I was being made redundant from my admin job in Chilwell. Also I had to be nearer home for my son Harry, because of his health needs. I’ve always wanted to sell sweets so Julia said ‘Why don’t you open a open a sweet shop here?'” That’s exactly what Sue’s done – timed to perfection to coincide with Ruddington’s 2018 Christmas Fayre! As well as the obvious symbiotic relationship between sweets and cakes, the new arrangement has the added advantage of the two tenants being able to share the rent – and also to take care of one other’s customers if either of them has to pop out.

After doing a roaring trade on opening day, Sue’s now concentrating on spreading the word to Ruddington and beyond that she’s here – and about the vast choice of traditional sweets she stocks. Row upon row of traditional jars line the walls containing the more old-fashioned varieties like Kopp Kops, Barley Sugars and Sherbet Lemons. These are complemented by more modern ones like Tutti Frutti and Pitts. Altogether there are around 350 different types, sourced from dozens of manufacturers around the country, plus around forty more varieties on the truffle, loose chocolate and fudge counter. She says, if customers aren’t happy with how any of them taste, she will gladly alter the supplier to try to find the best or most traditional flavours. “If something doesn’t suit, I’ll change it – and if there’s something they want I don’t have, I’ll try and find it!”

For the majority of the sweets in Sue’s shop you can help yourself to as many or as few as you want. “It’s all based on weight, like in the olden days” said Sue, “but if the older generation ask for a quarter, in the modern world that’s about 113 grams – so it’s a happy balance between the old and the new” says Sue.

Sweetie Boutique is open Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am until 5.30pm and also on Sundays from 10.30am to 4.00pm. Julia’s Kitchen’s trading hours are from 9.00am to 4.00pm Tuesday to Friday and 9.00am to 1.00pm on Saturday.

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