‘The Rock Church’ Reaches Ruddington!

Worshippers in Ruddington will have another option from this Sunday as ‘The Rock Church’ begins holding monthly services in our village, claiming to be ‘…a twenty-first century church, with first century power!’

This Pentecostal church is pioneered by a husband and wife team, Pastors Alistair and Kate Kent, who founded it ten years ago in West Bridgford with no money and no premises. However, there were 20 people in the congregation who were ready to start to outwork their vision to build “an authentic, vibrant, charismatic church in Bridgford” that, within 10 years, would ‘plant’ out similar churches in specific villages in the south of Nottingham.

So the name ‘The Rock Church’ is not a reference to the music at these services, but rather that the designated villages of Ruddington, Cotgrave and Keyworth can be found in the consonants of the word ‘RoCK’. With the church now entering its last calendar year of the current ten year vision, it has set out its stall to be proactive in all three villages – hence the new services here.

Out of the three designated communities, Cotgrave was the first village to see a ‘Rock Church’ start a weekly service when a small congregation set up camp on a Sunday morning at Candleby Lane school in 2016. Services were then postponed two years ago due to the local pastors moving on, but their presence in the community continues today, including ‘PlayDays’ – a school holiday ‘stay and play’ session at Candleby Lane School for local families. The Rock Church says it’s released a part time worker into Cotgrave this year on a short term contract to build greater relationships with the community, and an ‘Alpha Course’ (an introduction to Christianity) is also a strategic part of its plan there, commencing after Easter.

In Keyworth, a small group of members have recently started meeting mid-week in the village with a view to reaching out to their local community.

Now, as an even bolder statement of intent in our village, it has moved the first three of its monthly Sunday evening services from its own ‘The Rock Hub’ premises in Edwalton to St Peter’s Rooms in Ruddington. Currently the Church has a membership of around 120 adults, plus around 30 children and young people on top, many of whom are expected to come to the Ruddington services each month. The confirmed dates so far are: Sunday 16th February, Sunday 22nd March and Sunday 26th April. All worship will be from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Refreshments are served from 6.00pm and healing prayers for the sick will be offered afterwards.

Pastors Ali & Kate Kent pictured outside their own premises, ‘The Rock Hub’, on Wellin Lane in Edwalton

Pastor Alistair Kent admits: “We’re not sure whether this will be the start of regular Sunday services in Ruddington or not. We’re just taking one step at a time and will see who turns up on the three nights and review after that”.

His wife and fellow Pastor, Kate, adds: “…and it’s not just about our services. Sure we’re here to offer the people of Ruddington another expression of Christianity, but the message of the Bible carries with it a mandate to serve people irrespective of their beliefs, and we want to help build on the fantastic work that the existing churches are delivering.”

Indeed, Ali & Kate keen to point out they don’t want to tread on anyone else’s toes: “We’re thankful for the relationships we have with the other local ministers (Andrew, Sam and Simon) and look forward to developing links with the other churches so that we can help build on the outstanding work that they already do in the community. We welcome those who can sing like Pavarotti as well as those whose best performances are done under a shower head. You’re welcome here if you’re just browsing, you’ve just woken up or you’re just out of prison. We couldn’t give two hoots if you’re more Christian than the Archbishop of Canterbury or haven’t been in church since little Jack’s christening.”

This glass of water in the bowl of water represents baptism in the Holy Spirit

More information about The Rock Church “painting the town red” – and the up and coming services here in Ruddington – can be found on its website at www.the-rock.org.uk/ruddington.

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