Where’s My Bus?

If you’re a frequent user of Ruddington’s Navy 3 or Green 10 buses, inevitably you will find times when our village services aren’t quite running to schedule – due to heavy traffic, mechanical problems, or other issues.

As well as the illuminated displays at many bus stops, for a while you’ve also been able to check on the NCTX website or ‘phone app what time the next bus(es) will actually be reaching your stop, to prevent unnecessary hanging about in the cold.

Now Nottingham City Transport (NCT) has gone a stage further with an innovative new feature called “Fleet List” . It means you can zoom in on a “live” map which shows you the location of every NCT bus which is currently in service!

It’s actually a bus-spotters dream, since there’s a list of all fleet numbers, bus types & colours, and even their registration numbers. More practically, at a glance, you can see whereabouts your Navy 3 or Green 10 has got to – allowing you to maximise the use of your precious time. It also includes information on things like Wi-Fi, USB chargers, audio/visual announcements and levels of accessibility on each bus.

You can find NCT’s fascinating new “live” map >>HERE<<.

Whilst Coronavirus restrictions continue, passengers are reminded that there are extra measures to keep you and others safe whilst using public transport. Please read the latest advice before travelling >>HERE<<.

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