Be a Ruddington Bus Detective!

Here’s something for youngsters who fancy a bit of “sleuthing” to get involved with during this half term. We’re delighted to report that Nottingham City Transport has chosen a fabulous destination for its latest “Bus Detective” trail…. RUDDINGTON!

It’s a chance to grab your magnifying glass and head out with the kids for a “quizzical adventure”. If you live outside Ruddington all you need to do is hop onto a Navy 3 or Green 10 BioGas bus with a £5.00 Grouprider ticket and hop off again at Ruddington Green to begin the trail. Then follow the clues and route map to work out the numerical answers. Look up each number in the Answer Table to find out which letter this represents. Once you’ve all the letters, write down the word in the answer box and visit NCT’s Travel Centre in Nottingham’s Old Market Square. When it’s complete you’ll be rewarded with your very own sleuth sticker to place in a Bus Detective passport. If you collect six stickers they promise a fantastic prize!

Ruddington is one of SEVEN different Bus Detective Trails which you can pick up from the NCT Travel Centre or download and print at home. For the Ruddington one click >>HERE<<. What’s more there’s no time limit on completing Bus Detective – so make sure to explore the other sites at your leisure by also picking up a copy of NCT’s Ruddy Good Day Out booklet. Find places in our village to have a bite to eat and a drink, and generally have a #RuddyGoodDayOut whilst you’re detecting…

 Good luck!

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