Ruddington Musician’s Lockdown Legacy

A guitar tutor and session guitarist from our village has something to show for his three months ‘in confinement’ – his debut album!

Dan Cartwright, who lives on Brookside Road in Ruddington, has taught guitar and drums at many nearby schools, including South Wolds Academy, West Bridgford School, and Willow Brook Primary. “I started teaching when I left South Wolds Academy in Keyworth in the mid-nineties” says Dan. “Since then I’ve been in various bands and must have played nearly every pub/club in Notts. But, nine years ago, my daughter was born which meant I no longer had time for gigging.”

Thankfully Dan has been able to continue with some of his teaching work during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic: “I have a good number of guitarists and drummers aged 6 to 18 who are carrying on with virtual lessons over lockdown” he explains. “It’s working very well and it’s something I would consider doing after lockdown. I’m very proud of all my students who have taken lessons. It’s still very hard to tune someone’s guitar over a video call, though!”

Nevertheless, Dan still found himself with extra time on his hands so, at the age of 43, he decided it was the perfect opportunity to record his debut album “…so I made a list of songs that I’ve always enjoyed listening to and started work during the lockdown.” The result is ten relaxing instrumentals and ‘Home’ seemed the perfect title. “They are mostly covers but ‘Home’ is one of my own compositions. I do also sing but, since being in lockdown with family in the house, recording using microphones in silence was not going to happen!” he laughs.

“I recorded one track a week to start with until I started 10cc’s ‘I’m Not in Love’ which took TWENTY guitars in total to get its ambient sound, although I believe the original took over two weeks just to record the vocals!” says Dan – who also engineered and mixed the whole project himself. “I have a Zoom 24 track studio and lots of different guitars, mics and effects pedals which I have collected over the years which help make my individual sound. The lockdown has given me the time needed to release this album – with a single to follow soon!”

You can listen to samples of the ten tracks via Spotify below:

Dan adds: “People have contacted me to say they really enjoy listening to it after a stressful day at work – and some of my students have found it helps them relax while doing homework!”

‘Home’ by Dan Cartwright is also available on Apple Music at this link:– as well as on Amazon, YouTube and elsewhere.

You can find Dan’s website >>HERE<<.

{Our thanks to Dan for supplying the photos/artwork}

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