Ten Years of Kitchens by Mascari

A highly regarded Ruddington kitchen design studio is celebrating its tenth birthday!

Kitchens by Mascari arrived on Charles Street in our village in 2009 – with a mission to deliver great design and excellence in project management and installation.

Ten years on, RUDDINGTON.info speaks to its Managing Director, Rob Mascari, to find out more about the business, then and now:-

  • You’re celebrating ten years of ‘Kitchens by Mascari’ in our village this year. Is Ruddington where your company started, or were you trading elsewhere before that?

ROB: “I’m not sure where the ten years have gone, but yes, we have always been based in Ruddington!”

  • You’re very much a ‘family’ business aren’t you?

ROB: “We are. Of course, we have non-family members working for us, but the core business consists of myself as MD, my wife Sam is our Studio Manager and my mother Renee, who has been involved in the industry for forty years, is our Creative Director.”

  • Why did you choose Ruddington as a base for your kitchen showroom?

ROB: “Along with the fact my family have a lengthy history in Ruddington, it’s always had a strong base of creative businesses.  I wanted to offer the village and surrounding areas something a little stylish and different.”

  • We’re guessing lots of passing pedestrians peek through your windows without actually coming in – because it all looks a bit posh and expensive! Are you for anyone who might like a new kitchen, or only those who’re looking for something chic at the top end of the market?!

ROB: “People often assume we are more expensive than we actually are! We offer a bespoke service and try to do so affordably and competitively. Most of our projects cost £15k – £25k, installed, but we have designed kitchens over £100k!”

  • Because we suppose NO kitchen is cheap to fit – but for just a little bit more people can get significantly better quality?

ROB: “Exactly. We are generally a tad more costly than the DIY chains or one-man bands but the leap in both quality of product and expertise is significant.”

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  • Do you take care of everything from start to finish – or do you prefer customers to already know what they want and where they want it?

ROB: “It’s very rare these days that we simply replace old with new.  We tend to undertake the complete management of all aspects of the project. This generally involves building work, lighting, flooring etc – all services we can arrange. We are of most value to those clients that want an established company to design and manage the project from concept to completion.”

  • So, can you fit bathrooms and bedrooms as well?

ROB: “Absolutely – we can design and supply furniture throughout the entire house. Over the next few months we’re going to be converting the upstairs of our showroom to incorporate some bathroom displays.”

  • And kitchen design has changed so much over the years! What are the latest trends?

ROB: “Good design is the key to a successful project. Understanding how people like to live is fundamental to this and has led to a trend of open plan living, which in turn leads to a much wider scope of works. Wellbeing plays such a crucial role in our lives – it is therefore number one in our list of objectives. Trends come and go, but great design will stand the test of time.”

  • But if people are looking for something more traditional, like a farmhouse kitchen can you design and install that, too?

ROB: “The same principles of design apply whether we are tasked to design a contemporary or traditional space.  We are Nottingham’s Premier Partner for Masterclass Kitchens and can therefore offer any style or aesthetic our client would like.”

The showroom on Charles Street
  • So Ruddingtonians shouldn’t be frightened to pop in and have a no obligation chat with you at Charles Street?

ROB: “Our doors are always open to chat through anyone’s project – even if the project is in its very early stages and they just want some guidance. There is no cost involved in us creating a conceptual design and proposal.”

  • How long does it take from ordering your dream kitchen to getting it fitted?

ROB: “Assuming there are no building works involved, we would aim to complete the project within ten to twelve weeks from placing the order.”

  • Rob Mascari – thank you for talking to us!

ROB: “Thank you!”

If you’re interested in finding out more, the Kitchens by Mascari Ruddington showroom is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm, and Saturday from 10am to 1pm, at 5 Charles Street. Alternatively, you can ‘phone them on 01159 842 842 or email team@mascari.co.uk.

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